All That Jazz Dance Co. took home top marks and awards this past weekend at the Shine Dance Competition at the Capital theatre.

ATJ’s 10 dance teams took home 19 diamond awards (93-100), 23 platinum awards (90-92.99) and 19 high gold awards (87-89.99) including 7 special awards, 5 overall high scores and 3 Judge’s Choice awards for their 61entries.

ATJ’s Senior Dance Team took home diamond awards in every category (hip hop, lyrical, contemporary, jazz) and Overall High Score Awards for their hip hop dance “Green Goblin” and their contemporary dance “In for the Kill”. “In For the Kill” also received a judge’s choice award for it’s amazing attack.

The ATJ Mini Competitive Team received top marks and a special award entitled “best hip hop of the weekend” for their “Gangsta” hip hop number.

The ATJ Force received top marks and a judges choice award for their contemporary piece “Lights”. They also received a diamond award for their lyrical piece “Imagine”, a diamond for their jazz piece “Sexy Silk” and top marks for their contemporary piece “Sail”. “Sail” also received an Overall High Score award.

The ATJ Fleet hip hop number “Boogie Shoes” received a Judges Choice Award and top marks for having the total package – high energy, age appropriate costumes and suitable choreography for young dancers.

The highlight for the ATJ competitive teams was performing their production hip hop number “RETRO JAM”. It received a diamond and a special award for it’s amazing intensity and the ability to get the crowd going It was the the only number of the weekend that received a standing ovation from the New York judges. All 50 dancers in the high energy hip hop number should be very proud of their performance!

ATJ’s teachers are very proud of all of the students and would like to thank the dancers and parents for their dedication and hard work!! All 61 ATJ entries were choreographed by ATJ’s own teachers who all live in the great city of Chatham. The ATJ competitive choreography was all done by the following ATJ instructors: Chris Rich, Emily Kennedy, Lisa Lester-Harris, Brianna Cernanec and Paige Eddie. GREAT WORK!! GREAT WEEKEND!! Way to go ATJ!!

Competitive Level 2: (Diamond 93.0 – 100, Platinum 90.0-92.99, High Gold 87-89.99)

Competitive Combined Numbers:
Diamond – Retro Jam (Lisa’s competitive hip hop production) 94.36 and Special Award
Diamond – Ode to Nature (Em’s Competitive Junior/Teen/Senior Contemporary Production) 93.68
High Gold – Another One Bites the Dust (Lisa’s teen/senior tap) 89.1

Diamond – Gangsta (Lisa’s Mini Comp Hip Hop) 93.527 Special Award & 3rd Overall High Score
Platinum – Night Fever (Bri’s Mini Comp Jazz) 90.373
Platinum Battle of New Orleans (Lisa’s mini comp tap) 90.007

Platinum – Fire On the Dancefloor (Lisa’s Junior Comp Hip Hop) 91.46
High Gold – The Garden (Bri’s Junior Comp Jazz) 88.92
High Gold – Puttin’ On the Ritz (Lisa’s Junior Comp Tap) 89.213

Diamond – To Build A Home (Em’s Teen Comp Contemporary) 93.16
Platinum – Monster (Em’s Teen Comp Hip Hop) 91.993
Platinum – Deadly Infatuation (Chris’ Teen Comp Lyrical) 91.287
Platinum – Brighter Day (Chris’ Teen Comp Jazz) 91.197

Diamond – Green Goblin (Em’s Senior Comp Hip Hop) 93.987 2nd Overall High Score
Diamond – In For the Kill (Em’s Sr Comp Cont) 93.74 3rd Overall High Score & Special Award
Diamond – O’ Death (Chris’ Senior Comp Lyrical) 93.473
Diamond – It’s About That Walk (Chris’ Senior Comp Jazz) 93.38

Platinum – Drunken Sailor (Lisa’s Fleet mini/junior tap) 91.72
Diamond – Boogie Shoes (Lisa’s Fleet mini/junior Hip Hop) 93.067 – Judges Choice
High Gold – Wicked Little Girls (Bri’s Fleet Mini/Junior Jazz) 89.12
High Gold – Gold Digger (Lisa’s Fleet Mini/Junior Hip Hop) 88.487
Platinum – New York (Em’s Fleet Jazz Production) 91.68
High Gold – At the Ball (Chris’ Fleet Ballet) 87.513
Platinum – Women Power (Lisa’s Fleet Open Production) 92.58
High Gold – Get Outta Your Mind (Em & Lisa’s Fleet Teen/Senior Hip Hop) 87.453
Platinum – Every Breath You Take (Em’s Fleet Teen/Senior Contemporary) 91.85
Platinum – Tragedy (Chris’ Fleet Lyrical) 90.707

Diamond – Sail (Em’s Selected Force Contemporary) 94.08 & special award & 3rd Overall High Sc
Diamond – Imagine (Chris’ Force Lyrical) 93.553
Diamond – Lights (Em’s Force Contemporary) 93.41 and Judges Choice
Diamond -Sexy Silk (Em’s Selected Force Jazz) 93.087
Platinum – Iko Iko (Lisa’s Force Tap) 92.353
Platinum – Freak (Em’s Force jazz) 92.08
Platinum – True Colours (Chris’ Selected Force Lyrical) 91.92
Platinum – Paris (Lisa’s Force Hip Hop) 91.487

Solos, Duets & Trios:
Jar of Hearts (Chris’ Lyrical Solo – comp level 2) 93.01 – Diamond and Special Award
Life of the Party (Chris’ Jazz Solo – novice) 88.887 – Platinum
Cannibal (Em’s Jazz Duet – comp level 2) 93.427 – Diamond
Feeling Good (Chris’ Jazz Solo- comp level 2) 92.073 – Platinum
Your Song (Em’s Lyrical Solo- comp level 2) 94.44 – Diamond
Beautiful People (Lisa’s Jazz Duet- comp level 2) 90.907 – Platinum and 3rd Overall High Score
Don’t Stop (Bri’s Tap Trio- novice) 89.7 – Platinum
Breathe Again (Chris’ Lyrical Solo-comp level 2) 93.34 – Diamond
99 Red Balloons (Lisa’s Jazz Trio- nov) 92.027 – Diamond – Special Award & 3rd Overall High Sc.
Knee Deep (Lisa’s Tap Duet-novice) 90.427 – Platinum
Don’t Rain on My Parade (Bri’s Musical Theatre Solo – comp level 2) 89.047 – High Gold
Calling All the Monsters (Paige’s jazz solo – comp level 2) 88.153 – High Gold
Wonderwall (Em’s Contemporary Trio – comp level 2) 94.12 – Diamond
She Owns the Night (Paige’s Hip Hop Solo – novice) 85.913 – High Gold

Competitive Level 1: (diamond 91 – 100, Platinum 88-90.99, High Gold 84.00-87.9)

Teen Performance Team:
I Found A Reason (Bri’s Teen Perf Lyrical) 87.74 – High Gold
When I’m Dancin (Bri’s Teen Perf Jazz) 87.833 – High Gold
If There Was No You (Bri’s Teen Perf Contemporary) 86.44 – High Gold
I Want It All (Bri’s Teen Perf Hip Hop) 85.853 – High Gold

Senior Performance Team:
Bowtie (Bri’s Senior Perf Hip Hop) 86.63 – High Gold
Over the Rainbow (Bri’s Senior Perf Lyrical) 86.973 – High Gold
Can Can (Bri’s Senior Perf Jazz) 88.013 – Platinum
Be Italian (Bri’s Senior Perf Musical Theatre) 90.547 – Platinum and Special Award

Junior Performance Team:
Fast Food Fiesta (Lisa’s and Karlee’s Junior Perf Tap) 85.707 – High Gold
Stereo Hearts (Lisa’s Junior Perf Hip Hop) 86.7 – High Gold
Shake Your Tail Feather (Bri’s Junior Perf Jazz) 85. 987 – High Gold

Novice Munchkin: (same scoring system as comp level 1)
Wind It Up (Lisa’s Precomp Hip Hop) 88.793 – Platinum

Diamonds – 19
Platinums – 23
High Golds – 19