Hi 2013 ATJ Dance Team Trainees!

Here is a schedule for Auditions next Friday, June 28th.

Please arrive 30 minutes before your scheduled audition so you have time to warm up in the smaller studio. All Dancers should be wearing a black body suit, bootie shorts and all appropriate footwear should be brought into the audition. All dancers will start their audition with their ballet dance. Female dancers need to make sure hair is pulled up neatly in a bun as well.

All Trainees are invited to participate in the Canada D’eh celebration parade next Monday July 1st! We are meeting at the studio at 10am to decorate the float and run some dances from last year. ATJ 2012-2013 dance teams perform 12-1pm at Tecumseh Park. Everyone is meeting float after 3pm on Sandy’s St. (you cannot drive down this street — you must walk from a side street) and the parade starts at 4pm. Let us know if you need more info.

9:30-9:45am Kenzie Lahey, Brooklyn Vandenbogaerde
9:45-10am Hannah Wheeler, Amanda Power, Taryn Seney, Hailey Nixon
10-10:15am Abbey Piatkowski, Kacey Day, Molly Hamilton, Kali McDonald
10:15-10:30am Nicole Paine, Kieleigh List, Estella Lester, Amanda Labadie, Alex Keating
10:30-10:45am Abigail Marchand, Ryan Brooks, Johanna Vince, Ella Bos, Cristiano Machado
10:45-11am Halle Machado, Pauline Bueneventura, Lily Dixon, Madison Mailloux
11-11:15am Samantha Devogelaere, Marcy Shaw, Taylor Ball, Kiana Collier
11:15-11:30am Kayla Argenti, Lauryn Lahey, Jocelyn Dowdall, Brooke Cartier
11:30-11:45am Emelia Zruna, Olivia Merriam, Morgan Harris
11:45-12 noon Olivia Paxton, Tessa Cumming, Abbey Polowick
12 noon-12:15pm Madison Harris, Kalyn Nicholson, Zoe Walker
12:15-12:45pm BREAK FOR COACHES
12:45-1pm Abigail Balics, Lily Doyle, Bailey Arnold, Ceira O’Donnell
1-1:15pm Olivia Amato, Riley Farquharson, Kylie Moir, Hailey Caldwell
1:15-1:30pm Grace Nicholson, Laura King, Megan DaSilva
1:30-1:45pm Kaitlyn Marchand, Madison Balics, Emily Heyninck, Xandria Case
1:45-2pm Miranda Ostapec, Megan Stoffyn, Emma Burk, Courtney Coleman
2-2:15pm Rachel White, Rebecca Brooks, Danielle Coleman, Maddie Cartier
2:15-2:30pm Emilia Rota-Walker, Karis Bechard, Carson Lyons, Molly Walker
2:30-2:45pm Janelle Segeren, Emma Hammond, Reegan Peel, Ashlyn Cormier
2:45-3pm Kennedy Glasier, Chloe Lucier, Victoria Baertsoen, Erica Carr
3-3:15pm Caitlin McCauley, Manuela Carmona, Jacqueline Cunha, Cami Cartier, Megan Brady
3:15-3:30pm Rebecca Postma, Dharma Glasier, Britney Green, Cassidy Brady

Please let me know if your name does not appear on the above list.

Liyana Kukkadi, Keren Zingman and Chloe Aitken-Botting have arranged a private audition due to being away Friday June 28th.

All Results will be emailed to trainees. Good luck dancers!

All That Jazz Dance Co.
Lisa Lester (director) 

66 Fourth St.
Chatham, ON N7M 2G2