Welcome To All That Jazz Dance Co!

ATJ’s high energy classes offer students a high level of training in a caring and nurturing environment. Students learn best through positive reinforcement. Through mutual respect we work to build outstanding dancers in body, mind and spirit. Excellent technique classes, performances, and competition opportunities give students the chance to develop into strong, confident dancers.

ATJ’s studios are equipped with hardwood floors, mirrors, air conditioning and natural light. Viewing windows and a video monitoring system help students develop the ability to be comfortable in front of an audience. We encourage parents to watch their children in class so they can appreciate and follow their children’s achievements and progress throughout the year.


At ATJ we want to offer quality dance training to develop strong dancers. All of our staff approach dance as a creative art form and technical dance form. ATJ staff members support and nurture student effort by providing a setting in which students can feel comfortable receiving constructive feedback on their dance technique and by giving them the opportunity to perform their dance skills.

We work hard to provide a dynamic and exciting learning environment.

Meet our faculty…