Class Descriptions


A combination of acrobatic (gymnastic) movements and limbering (flexibility), with traditional dance technique.


Classical dance form that characterized by grace and precise movements. Strong ballet technique is the foundation for all other styles of dance.


Dance style that combines elements of modern, jazz, lyrical & classical ballet technique. An interpretive and emotionally expressive form of dance. 

Hip Hop

A free form, contemporary style of dance which can combine elements of funk, popping, locking, break dancing and more.


Combines classical ballet and modern dance technique with contemporary influences. A strong emphasis on energy, rhythmical accuracy & style. 


Expressive style of dance incorporating classical ballet technique. This dance form interprets the lyrics of music through movement.

Musical Theatre

Broadway jazz dance technique paired with songs from musicals, TV shows or pop culture.


Using metal taps on the heels and toes of dancers’ shoes to find the rhythm and beat not only in the music but in your body as well.