Congratulations to all the teens who tried out for the ATJ dance teams!

This year we really streamlined the teen competitive team since the teen and senior performance team is going to be training extra hard with Mr. Chris on Thursday evenings and will have a very similar experience to that of the competitive teams. Some of you were so close to making the teen competitive but we feel you need some more training before you get there.

If you have concerns please contact the office to set up an appointment to discuss the results as soon as possible. The office is open Monday to Thursday 9am – 8pm.

Great work dancers!!

Teen Performance Team Ages 11-14

Meaghan Lyons
Manuela Carmona
Kate Klompstra
Leah Jardine
Erica Carr
Maddison Balics
Megan Brady
Julia Tremblay
Dakota Chenier
Rebecca Postma
Ashley Beselaere
Karina Burke
Ashley Grogan
Alex Haskell
Erin McDonnell
Emily Opiela
Kaitlyn Rota

Teen Competitive Team Ages 11-14

Madison Hetherington
Celene Ceccacci
Dharma Glasier
Victoria Baertsoen
Caitlyn McCauley
Shelby Mackness
Jocelyn Jones
Mackenna Lyons

Emily’s Selected Contemporary (Juniors, Teens and Seniors)

Jocelyn Jones
Madison Hetherington

Emily’s Selected Modern (Teens and Seniors)

Jocelyn Jones
Madison Hetherington

Chris’ Selected Lyrical (Teens and Seniors)

Jocelyn Jones