Congratulations ATJ Dancers!! You all did a tremendous job and we are very proud of you!! If you don’t get on the team you were aiming for don’t give up – keep on dancing hard and focus on becoming the best dancer you can be!

Everyone’s name should be listed on one of the team’s below. If you do not see your name please contact the studio.

Please direct any questions to the office:


There will be a very important team meeting on Wednesday, August 10th, 2011, 7pm at the studio. At this meeting you will: • receive a schedule for Level II and Level III dances • get sized for your new warm-up suit ($100 down is required as well) • review and sign your contract for the 2011-2012 dance season • set up your payment plan for the 2011-2012 dance season • receive a tentative competition schedule • choreography fees will also be due in August ($25 per dance) • receive a choreography schedule (this schedule will for end of August/first two weeks of September)

2011-2012 Selected Precompetitive Group

Miss Lisa has chosen young dancers to join this group that exhibit strong skills and the potential to be on a competitive dance team in the future. The focus of this group over the year is to develop strong technical skills and have fun. If Miss Lisa feels they are ready they will compete their best number at the Shine competition March 2012. Most dancers chosen to be in this group are mailed an invitation.

Invites go out to: Amanda Labadie, Serenity Cassibo, Sydney Piatkowski, Lucy Marsh, Lucie Maine, Rosie Walker, Pauline Bueneventura, Kaelyn Chandler, Maya Adams, Aeowyn Dunlop, Rachel Tewksbury, Taryn Seney, Kenzie Lahey, Olivia Todino, Seirrah Deacon, Samantha Lozon, Kali McDonald, Jaden Funke, Harley Forrest-Lock, Emily Goetheyn, Grace Hamilton, Jayla Beemer, Maxine Lieder, Scotia Lambe, Sophia Botero, Jayde Melhuish-McGahan, Khara Arnold-Cowley, Julia & Victoria Capp, Isabella French, Mia Wright, Sadie Hamilton, Jaden Viazon, Olivia Corbin

Space is limited to 15 spots – please reserve your spot as early as possible.

2011-2012 Mini Competitive Team:

Kiana Collier, Jocelyn Dowdall, Tessa Cumming, Angelique Corbin, Taylor Ball, Morgan Harris, Madison Harris, Madison Mailloux, Jessica Oxley, Marissa Nunez, Olivia Merriam-Bell, Marcy Shaw, Kayla Argenti, Emelia Zruna, Lauryn Lahey, Lily Dixon

**Please note some mini team members will be asked to do extra catch-up classes the month before regular classes start. Schedule TBA August 10th, 2011. Miss Lisa should have already contacted you if you are required to come for extra classes.

2011-2012 Junior Performance Team

Nicole Paine, Destiny Chenier-Gernaey, Olivia Amato, Riley Farquharson, Abbey Piatkowski, Zoe Walker, Abbie Balics, Hannah Wheeler, Kacey Day, Ryan Brooks, Alexis Hewitt, Taylor Bertotti

2011-2012 Junior Competitive Team

Karis Bechard, Carson Lyons, Reilly Fitzmorris, Kalyn Nicholson, Abbey Polowick, Bailey Arnold, Janelle Segeren, Brooke Cartier, Ashlyn Cormier, Laura King, Emilia Rota-Walker, Rachel Fleury, Emily Zimmer, Megan Topping, Logan Topping, Jordan Nead, Alexa Wolsing

2011-2012 Teen Performance Team

Rebecca Postma, Erica Carr, Hailee Ballantyne, Emma Burk, Emily Broad, Abbie Sellen, Kaitlyn Rota, Ashley Grogan, Maddison Balics, Britney Bonner-Green, Samantha Toscani, Miranda Ostapec, Alex Haskell, Megan Brady, Meaghan Lyons

 2011-2012 Teen Competitive Team

Molly Walker, Emma Hammond, Kennedy Glasier, Julia Tremblay, Dharma Glasier, Victoria Baertsoen, Caitlyn McCauley, Taylor Oulds, Cameryn Rybansky, Manuela Carmona, Mackenna Lyons, Shelby Mackness, Chloe Lucier, Clare Corchis, Reegan Peel

 2011-2012 Senior Performance Team

Rachel Smith, Danielle Coleman, Sarah Donais, Abigail Ward, Claudia Jarosz, Samantha Griffith, Rebecca Brooks, Sarah Sinclair, Makayla McDonald, Kelsea Dinga

2011-2012 Senior Competitive Team

Stacia Pepper, Brianna Cernanec, Karlee Cockburn, Quieanna Park-Davis, Madison Hetherington, Leighara Rajsigl, Amber Frak, Paige Glasier, Taylor Tremblay, Celene Ceccacci, Cassidy Brady

Please note: The ATJ Staff has decided to give Performance Team members the opportunity to do Level II extra numbers as well to help improve their dance skills. Saturday classes will include one hour of technique for level II dancers.

Level II – The ATJ Dance Fleet:

Schedule to be announced August 10th, 2011

Kiana Collier, Angelique Corbin, Jocelyn Dowdall, Madison Mailloux, Jessica Oxley, Marissa Nunez, Taylor Ball, Tessa Cumming, Madison Harris, Morgan Harris, Olivia Merriam-Bell, Carson Lyons, Jordan Nead, Ashlyn Cormier, Reilly Fitzmorris, Alexa Wolsing, Logan Topping, Megan Topping, Kalyn Nicholson, Karis Bechard, Janelle Segeren, Rachel Fleury, Zoe Walker, Riley Farquharson, Kennedy Glasier, Reegan Peel, Emma Hammond, Chloe Lucier, Clare Corchis, Victoria Baertsoen, Shelby Mackness, Mackenna Lyons, Caitlyn McCauley, Molly Walker, Dharma Glasier, Cameryn Rybansky, Manuela Carmona, Meaghan Lyons, Ashley Grogan, Kaitlyn Rota, Megan Brady, Alex Haskell, Emily Broad, Britney Bonner-Green, Erica Carr, Karlee Cockburn, Brianna Cernanec, Stacia Pepper, Paige Glasier, Madison Hetherington, Queianna Park-Davis, Celene Ceccacci, Leighara Rajsigl, Amber Frak, Makayla McDonald, Sarah Sinclair, Kelsea Dinga, Cassidy Brady, Rebecca Brooks, Abigail Ward

Level III – The ATJ Dance Force:

Schedule to be announced August 10th, 2011.

Karis Bechard, Janelle Segeren, Kennedy Glasier, Reegan Peel, Emma Hammond, Chloe Lucier, Clare Corchis, Victoria Baertsoen, Shelby Mackness, Mackenna Lyons, Caitlyn McCauley, Molly Walker, Dharma Glasier, Karlee Cockburn, Brianna Cernanec, Stacia Pepper, Paige Glasier, Madison Hetherington, Leighara Rajsigl

 **Please note: If you have been chosen to be on an ATJ Dance Team, The ATJ Fleet (Level II) and/or The ATJ Force and feel you cannot commit for the 2011-2012 dance year, please let the studio know as soon as possible.